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What Can a Cesspool Company Do for You?

If you live in a rural area in a property that isn’t connected to a mains sewer line, then chances are you may have a cesspit. If this is the case, then you’ll know (at least we hope you do!) the importance of proper cesspool maintenance.

Due to the toxic nature surrounding the contents of a cesspit, it’s important that these are disposed of safely with the help of a licensed waste disposal company. That’s where a cesspool company, such as us here at R&A Cleansing, comes in.

We’ve put together this brief yet helpful guide to help you understand what a reliable cesspool company can do for you.

cesspool maintenance

What is a Cesspit?

A cesspit, also known as a cesspool, is a container that sits underground and temporarily holds all liquid household waste that would typically go into a mains sewer, including human waste. These pits are often made using either fibreglass or built with bricks and containing a fibreglass lining, which seal well to ensure there is no leakage whilst withstanding the toxic contents.

They also feature an exhaust pipe, which allows the gases that build up in the chamber to escape, since there is no other opening to the tank.

Cesspit Emptying

Unlike septic tanks, which use the natural process of anaerobic digestion to break down organic waste matter, cesspits instead simply act as a holding tank for your waste without treating it in any way, left sealed and untouched until they need to be emptied.

As such, the contents of your cesspit are full of harmful toxins that you don’t want to be exposed to in the interest of your health and safety. That’s why you should always entrust the help of a licensed specialist to empty the pit for you. A specialist cesspool company will have the necessary experience and equipment to drain your cesspit safely and effectively.

Here at R&A Cleansing, we understand that a cesspit needs frequent emptying to avoid the buildup of solids and reduce the risks of your pit overflowing. We use vacuum tankers that are equipped with an internal water supply and feature specialist vacuum pumps and long hoses to ensure that the emptying and washing of your pit is a swift and safe process.

As well as emptying, we also offer maintenance services. For example, you should never open the lid of your cesspit to check the level of the waste inside due to the harmful toxins we previously mentioned. That’s why you can instead rely on us to arrange regular service visits to ensure your tank does not overflow.

For more information on how we can help you maintain your waste management system, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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