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Waste Wisely: Why You Should Use a Registered Waste Carrier

Dealing with waste by yourself is never an ideal position. Instead, waste carriers can provide the waste collection service with ease, helpfully removing any materials that need disposal from your site. This includes homes, businesses and vehicles, saving you from the stress of attempting to transport waste yourself. Most companies are licensed to do so, proving that they have a concern for proper waste management. 

In this article from R & A Cleansing, you can learn why waste carrier licences are a necessity for any waste management business, and how to confirm that your waste carrier has been properly registered. Disposing of waste responsibly is key, so read on to make sure you’re selecting a trustworthy team to assist you.

What is a waste carrier?

A waste carrier is a person or a business that carries out the transportation of any waste to be disposed of. Waste carriers are integral to how our society functions, helping to reduce pollution and increase safety, all by transporting hazardous materials and waste to be properly disposed of. Examples of waste carriers include skip companies, recycling specialists, and those carrying out liquid waste collection. 

The Importance of Waste Carrier Licences

The Environment Agency issues waste carrier licences, which can be applied for by the businesses that require them. These licences are a must-have for waste-carrying companies, as legal action can be taken and fines will be issued if they are operating without an official licence. These licences are only given to businesses that can evidence that they responsibly manage their waste. Responsible waste services will recycle as much as they can, and ensure that hazardous materials are properly stored and disposed of.

Checking for a Licence

Before selecting a business for your rubbish disposal and liquid waste collection, it’s important to research whether they are licensed to provide that service. Any registered waste carrier should proudly display their licence on their website, so it can be a good idea to start there. You can also check with the Environment Agency, utilising an easy search system on their website to find the company you’re after in their results. 

Our Services

From cesspit services to septic tank emptying, our team at R & A Cleansing routinely carries out professional and high-quality waste transportation and disposal. Based in Cornwall, we have proudly earned a registered waste carrier licence, allowing us to legally and safely help both homes and businesses to responsibly dispose of their waste.

If you’re interested in our high-quality service, please visit our website to view our team in action or to learn more about how we can help you. Alternatively, for further support, please get in touch with our friendly team directly today.

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