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Septic Solutions: The Dos and Don'ts of Tank Maintenance

Updated: Apr 22

Septic tanks can be an effective method for managing your waste water for years to come, which is why properly maintaining them is so important! So, how can you keep on top of your septic tank? Our blog is here to cover the key do’s and don’ts of septic tank cleaning and care. To learn more about looking after your septic tank, keep on reading!

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Septic Tank Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some of our key do’s and don’ts for your septic tank maintenance. 


●     Carry Out Regular Maintenance Checks - This includes inspecting your tank at least once a year, and pumping your tank when necessary. Calling professional septic tank services can help you check the condition of your tank if you’re unsure.


●     Keep Your Maintenance Records - If you have a professional service come and take a look at your system, you should keep a hold of all your system maintenance records to stay on top of any potential problems.


●     Conserve Water - Excess water use will reduce the efficiency of your tank. Maximising the eco-features on your water appliances is a must, as well as generally being more conscious of your water use! Water conservation is good for a range of reasons, not just for your septic tank!


●     Learn What You Shouldn’t Put In Your Septic Tank - It’s crucial to know what you shouldn’t put in your septic tank, to prevent any damages or blockages from occurring.


●     Don’t Put Fats, Oils Or Grease Down Your Drains - These are serious no go’s as they can clog your drain systems pretty badly, damaging your pipes too.


●     Use Harsh Chemicals - You may think that flushing your drains with bleach and other ‘cleaning’ chemicals is safe, but they can kill your system’s healthy bacteria. Be wary of what you flush down your drains, and if you’re trying to clean your system, be sure to use septic-safe cleaning products.


●     Put Non-Biodegradable Items Through Your System - Things like wet wipes, sanitary products, nappies, wrappers and other non-biodegradables can clog your system pretty badly. Avoid putting these kinds of items down your drain, and be careful with any biodegradable items you flush down your drains too, as not all of them are safe for your tank.

R&A Cleansing: Septic Tank Services & Liquid Waste Disposal

Here at R&A Cleansing, we offer a range of liquid waste disposal services, including cost-effective septic tank cleaning and more. From septic tank services to cesspit emptying, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re looking for reliable and efficient septic tank cleaning services, look no further! You can contact our team today for any further enquiries or to arrange your septic tank cleaning today!

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