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How to Prevent Damage to Your Domestic Septic Tank

Septic tanks can be a wonderful addition to any home, filtering waste effectively. To remain useful and fully functioning, it’s paramount that the system remains well cared for throughout its lifetime. This includes preventing it from damage by continually taking into consideration its proper treatment. In this article, you can learn what to do to prevent harm from coming to your septic tank. 

Build Carefully

After having a septic tank installed, it’s important to treat the system carefully. The system is vital for a properly functional liquid waste disposal system, so if you’re carrying out any building work or maintenance around the area where your tank is installed, ensure that it doesn’t disrupt or damage the tank or its pipes.

Use Safe Cleaning Products

Cleaning is an important part of looking after a home. To thoroughly clean, cleaning products are a necessity. Many products, however, are not suitable for septic tanks. The chemicals within the products themselves can leak into the water or erode the pipes, leading to thorough damage to the system itself. Opt for products that explicitly inform that they are safe for use with septic tanks.

Dispose Sensibly

Waste disposal should always be done so carefully, and that includes what goes down your toilet. It can be tempting, for example, to put dirty baby wipes down the toilet, however, this is one major cause of serious blockages. Fatbergs, for example, are large rock-like substances that can be found in sewers that are formed of non-biodegradable materials such as baby wipes. Any used baby wipes should be disposed of in the general waste, for proper disposal.

Similarly, it’s important to ensure that any waste that goes down your kitchen drain will not cause a blockage. Cooking oil can be tempting to dispose of down the drain, however, it’s important to properly dispose of this liquid. Oil can lead to a serious build-up in the pipes, which can result in the sink not draining properly and the creation of unpleasant smells.

Organise Routine Septic Tank Cleaning

Routine septic tank cleaning is vital to the healthy functioning of the system, so it’s important to ensure that you organise regular and routine cleans. Choosing a professional cleaning service is vital, to ensure that your system is not damaged by those untrained to do the service. 

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for a professional business to maintain your septic tank, look no further than our septic tank cleaning services. At R & A Cleansing, we can effectively empty your septic tank, to ensure it is clean and keeps functioning properly.  You can even view our team in action, providing thorough and high-quality cleaning across Cornwall and Devon. 

Please visit our website to learn more about us and our services, or get in touch with us directly for further support. 

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