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How To Look After Your Static Caravan’s Septic Tank

Caravaning is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you’re on a family vacation or you’re moving to a rural area for your retirement. These cosy structures can be towable and entirely portable or static and permanent, depending on your usage requirements.


If you’re using a static caravan, then one aspect to consider is your sewage management. Ideally, your caravan or camping site would be connected to a public sewer system, whilst for more rural locations you may require a septic tank or cesspit installation to handle your waste. A septic tank collects sewage underground, where it can decompose through bacterial treatment and then drain away.


These systems generally look after themselves, but they do require a certain amount of care and maintenance to ensure their long term functionality. Read on to find out more about how to tend to your caravan’s septic system.


Efficient Water Usage

If you’re using a septic tank system then you need to consider your water usage levels. This is because, unlike a public sewer, a septic tank can quickly become overwhelmed by excess water consumption. As such you should think about how you can make your daily habits more efficient, where installing a water efficient toilet and shower can help you to reduce your consumption.

Flush & Drain Thoughtfully

Another element to consider if you’re using a septic tank is that you need to be careful what you flush or pour down your drain. Septic tanks are sensitive to harsh chemicals, so use all natural detergents, cleaning products and soaps where possible. Also be careful not to flush sanitary products or other non-paper waste, as this can cause your tank to malfunction.

Empty Your Tank Regularly

It is also important to empty your septic system an appropriate amount, where it is inadvisable to wait until the tank is filled to its maximum capacity. You should schedule for your system to be emptied every three to five years, according to the size of your tank and how frequently it is being used.

R & A Cleansing: Professional Septic Tank Emptying In Cornwall

At R & A Cleansing, we offer a range of expert septic tank and liquid waste management services to keep your site fully operational. If you own a static caravan, then we can clean, inspect and empty your septic tank and provide expert advice on how to look after your system. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help with your sewage maintenance requirements.

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