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How Poor Liquid Waste Management Can Harm The Environment

Updated: Apr 22

We’re all responsible for taking care of our waste and making sure that it doesn’t harm the environment. Small things like using public litter bins or only flushing biodegradable items can make a big difference, where on a nationwide scale we depend on our governments to take charge in order to protect local wildlife from harmful waste.

Sewage and liquid waste from all areas can cause significant harm to the environment, whether this waste originates from homes, businesses or construction sites. As such, sewage should be contained, transported and treated in an appropriate way to limit its destructive potential, where this includes making sure that septic tanks and waste water storage systems are maintained correctly.

If leaks or overspills do occur, then the environmental impact can be disastrous - read on to find out more about how liquid waste can harm surrounding wildlife.

liquid waste lorry parked near the sea

Water Pollution

As sewage is already in liquid form, it can easily find its way into our natural water systems, causing widespread pollution. Liquid waste can disrupt the life cycles of resident species and make rivers and lakes toxic for the animals that rely on them for their survival. Because of these risks, it is essential that leaks don’t progress into local waterways.

Habitat Destruction

If liquid waste is allowed to escape from building sites, farmland or industrial facilities, then it may contain harmful chemicals that can destroy local habitats. Some of these chemicals will kill surrounding plant life, leaving the wildlife that live there vulnerable to predators and disease.

Direct Contamination

More directly, liquid waste can cause environmental harm if it is touched or consumed by surrounding wildlife. Birds and small mammals can easily stray into toxic runoff or accumulated sewage, where this means that these untreated deposits can quickly enter the food chain, causing widespread issues.

Ecosystem Disruption

Environmental harm spreads quickly because even the smallest alteration to the ecosystem can have a huge knock on effect. This means that if one local population is harmed by untreated sewage, then wildlife habitats in a surrounding radius could be seriously impacted over a long time frame.

R & A Cleansing: Conscientious Liquid Waste Management

At R & A Cleansing, we provide specialist septic tank maintenance services to help you to avoid the environmental harm that comes with a sewage leak. Regularly draining or servicing your tank can manage the risk of spillages, so you can rest assured that your untreated waste won’t find its way into the surrounding ecosystem. Get in touch with us today to find out more about liquid waste removal.

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