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Exploring Cesspools: Importance, Purpose & Sustainability

Cesspools have been a waste management system for years, but there are environmental concerns regarding these structures. Our blog explores the purpose of cesspools, alternative waste solutions and how cesspits can be made more sustainable. To find out more, keep on reading!

concrete cesspool

What Are Cesspools?

Cesspools and cesspits are underground waste management systems, used to store liquid waste such as sewage or wastewater from homes. Usually, cesspools are found in more rural areas, rather than environments with a more dense population.


Cesspools essentially collect the waste water from the surrounding area, and the cesspool structures have porous walls. This allows the waste water to seep out into the surrounding soil.

Cesspool Sustainability

Cesspools were more common in the past, especially in areas that lacked modern sewage systems. However, in recent years they have become less popular because of environmental health concerns. But, can we make cesspools more sustainable?

Sustainable Cesspool Considerations

It’s no secret that cesspools can damage the environment, by leaking waste water directly into nearby soil. Read below to understand some of our sustainable cesspool considerations:


●     Better Design - The porous walls that allow waste water to seep into the soil can be improved. By making more structurally integral cesspools, the amount of liquid waste leaking out will be minimised.


●     Biodegradable Waste Management Systems - The damage to soil and local surrounding areas comes from the non-biodegradable materials, hazardous waste and other forms of liquid waste being exposed to the environment. By encouraging only biodegradable waste to be flushed into cesspools, we can reduce the amount of damage to soil and the environment.


●     Regular Emptying - Scheduling regular empting for your cesspool will also help it remain more sustainable. Rather than allowing it to fill up, seep out waste or start overflowing, regular emptying will help to protect the local environment.


●     Alternative Solutions - There are many other waste management systems that can replace your cesspool, such as septic tanks. If you’re considering switching your waste removal system, speak to a professional for the best solution.

R&A Cleansing: Your Local Cesspool Company

Here at R&A Cleansing, we offer a range of excellent cesspit emptying services to keep your waste management system as healthy as possible. Leaving your cesspit emptying too long can result in damages, so don’t leave it too late.


Call R&A Cleansing today to book your cesspit emptying. Or, head to our website to learn more about our range of services. Contact us today or call us on 01566 782852 to speak to our team.

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